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What We Do

In order to fulfill our mission of sharing mantra and puja and Vedic philosophy, we have created two courses for others to learn and teach mantras to others and to learn pujas and perform them for others.  These are self study courses with study groups and a special puja class for the Pujari Course. 

The Teacher of Mantra Course is an extensive manual of mantras and what there use is for different needs.  It also has 22 CD of the book as read by Thomas Ashley-Farrand/Namadeva Acharya plus more materials.

The Pujari Course is made up of the three volume set of The Ancient Power of Mantra and Ceremony as books and recordings of the Sanskrit hymns, sutras, slokas, mantras in the books plus 2 DVDs. The third volume is instructions and templates and 21pujas and fire ceremonies to do.


When the student in his/her own time has learned the material, an exam is given for certification as either an Instructor of Mantra or as Pujari.  As a religious organization, this gives the certified person the legal status of a minister, with all the legal rights and protections therein. 


People who become certified in both courses are elevated to Certified Priest.

Teacher of Mantra Course
Pujari Course
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